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Dynamic LinkedObject

May 10, 2017 at 08:51 PM


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Hi, I have a matrix with, A/R inovices, A/P invoices, Credit memos, etc, etc. I´m maintain the DocEntry and the DocNum. I need to navigate to the corresponding SBO form for each specific object type.

Do you know how can I do that with a LinkedButton, RigthClick or any?

Best regards!

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2 Answers

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Rudá Gonçalves May 10, 2017 at 09:31 PM

If I've understood correctly, you have one column (Linked object) which may point to different system forms, right?

In this case you can use the matrix's LinkPressedAfter event like:

private void Matrix0_LinkPressedAfter(object sboObject, SAPbouiCOM.SBOItemEventArg pVal)
            if(pVal.ColUID == "YOUR_COLUMN_ID")
                //Do your stuff here

And you can use OpenForm method to open the desired form

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Thank you Rudá! can you share a OpenForm sample, I having problems with this!

All the best!


Thank you! I could realize how. All the best

Sebastian Pereira Cendan May 17, 2017 at 06:27 PM

Hello Rudá, do you know how to set the column to show the row arrow? I doing this:

oColumn = oColumns.Add("DocEntry", SAPbouiCOM.BoFormItemTypes.it_LINKED_BUTTON);
oLink = ((SAPbouiCOM.LinkedButton)(oColumn.ExtendedObject));
oLink.LinkedObject = ????

if I assign a BoLinkedObject, its execute both forms, the setted in the oLink and the executed in the OpenForm method

Best Regards!

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