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Jan 30, 2007 at 03:58 PM

Need help with Process Chain


Hi ,

I did a Process chain, could somebody please tell , am i doing it right.

1) T-code RSPC created a Process Chain named : likp_lips_pc.

2) Created a Process Variant named : likp_lips_pv, it took me to a page where i selected Direct Scheduling and gave the start time as 9:00 pm (yesterday).

3) Selected process type ,chose Info package for LIKP,LIPS.

4) In the right side panel, gave the connections. Start Process is Connected to 2 InfoProvider LIKP,LIPS. From LIPS a connection AND and used MARA(IP). From LIKP and MARA i used Attribute Change Run.

I used 3 Info providers (LIKP,LIPS,MARA) where matnr is avaliable both in LIPS & MARA i used AND in process chain(Please correct if i am wrong) .

What is Attribute Change Run?, is that a must i should use in all the process chain. When should i use Attribute Change Run?.

5. I have activated and Scheduled.

6) What should i do by 9.00pm when the schedule is taking place should i click something to make the schedule or begin login is enough.

what will happen during 9.00 pm, is there anyway i could see physically what is happening Will there be any load somewhere so that i can see the Result whether it is successfull.

I am totally confused. I have no idea. Please help with this. It will be much helpful for me to learn.



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