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Jan 30, 2007 at 03:20 PM

RRI - from report to url, with dynamic input?


Dear Colleagues,

I want to use input parameters from a sender query to jump to a dynamic url (the fields are 0comp_code, 0ac_doc_no and 0fiscyear).

The more I read I get the impression that this is not possible, is that true??

In my project the custumer scans in all invoices, which get unique url's based on 0comp_code, 0ac_doc_no and 0fiscyear. From their previous Data Warehouse tehy could jump from a point in the report to a scanned document, so it will be a real setback if I have to explane to them that BI does not support this...

Hope someone can answer my question on whether this is possible, and maybe tell me how! I'll sign points for sure!