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Jan 30, 2007 at 12:00 PM

Extractor FM - Reurn Data in Packets



I have the following records in an internal table:

<b>Sales Org Customer Material</b>

AU10 C1 M1

AU10 C2 M1

AU10 C3 M1

I have to get the Default Hire Rate (KBETR) from A835 & KONP.

A835 has data for Sales Org + Material combinations.

If I open a CURSOR on A835 for all entries in internal table above, it will return only one record (for Material M1). However, my requirement is to return the Default Rate for all records as below.

<b>Sales Org Customer Material Rate</b>

AU10 C1 M1 $1.00

AU10 C2 M1 $1.00

AU10 C3 M1 $1.00

Is there any way, internal table records can be used to return data in packets?