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Jan 30, 2007 at 11:48 AM

Regarding JDBC Adapter in SAP XI



I have done one scenario in SAP XI using JDBC Lookup it is working fine thanks for all who were helped me ......

I need a clarification on following

What is

Generic Lookup API

Special Lookup API

and while i am configuring i have given

Persistence : Local

Confilct Resolution : Redo

In what situation we will give Presistence : Local and in what situation we will give Persistence : Database means i need to know where we will use LOCAL and where we will use DATABASE

and what is the difference between REDO and ERROR...........?

In Message Protocol we have two protocols

XML SQL Format

Native XML Format

what is the difference between these two

I have gone through some blogs which i got in my previous posts but i am not able to understand clearly..... can any one clarify my doubts please........?

Best Regards

Ravi Shanakar B