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System Predefined project did not import during MII upgrade to version 15.1 sp03

We recently upgraded our MII development, quality, and production environments from version 15.0 to 15.1 sp03 patch 16. For both the development and quality clients, a system project called Predefined was imported during the upgrade. When the production environment was upgraded last weekend, this project did not come in. This is causing issues with new functionality available for SSCE. Is there some way to fix this?

I cannot import the project into our production environment after exporting it from our quality client. This is the error I get when trying to import the system project through the SAP MII: Projects screen:

[C000800107658A7600000004000014D0] ORA-00001: unique constraint (UNKNOWN.obj#=15864) violated OpenSQLExceptionCategories: [NON_TRANSIENT, INTEGRITY_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION]

ssce-error.png | predefinedproject-quality-client.png

Here is a list of files that are in the Predefined project:

  • Predefined\AuditServiceVerify.tqte
  • Predefined\AuditServiceWriter.tqte
  • Predefined\DefaultAlarmStatisticsFrequencyChart.tdch
  • Predefined\DefaultAlarmStatisticsFrequencyPercentChart.tdch
  • Predefined\DefaultAlarmStatisticsTimeChart.tdch
  • Predefined\DefaultAlarmStatisticsTimePercentChart.tdch
  • Predefined\DefaultCatalogHistoryQuery.tqet
  • Predefined\DefaultCurrentChart.tdch
  • Predefined\DefaultHistoryChart.tdch
  • Predefined\DefaultHistoryEventChart.tdch
  • Predefined\DefaultKPIQuery.tqkp
  • Predefined\DefaultMDOQuery.tqmd
  • Predefined\DefaultStatisticsChart.tdch
  • Predefined\FolderBrowser.tdbr
  • Predefined\FolderListQuery.tqte
  • Predefined\GroupBrowser.tdbr
  • Predefined\GroupListQuery.tqta
  • Predefined\ModeListQuery.tqta
  • Predefined\MonitoringQuery.tqte
  • Predefined\ScheduleListBrowser.tdbr
  • Predefined\ScheduleListQuery.tqte
  • Predefined\ServerListQuery.tqte
  • Predefined\ShiftListQuery.tqte
  • Predefined\TagBrowser.tdbr
  • Predefined\TagListQuery.tqta
  • Predefined\TemplateBrowser.tdbr
  • Predefined\TemplateListQuery.tqte
  • Predefined\TimePeriodBrowser.tdbr
  • Predefined\TimePeriodListQuery.tqte
  • Predefined\TransactionFolderListQuery.tqxc
  • Predefined\TransactionInputListQuery.tqxc
  • Predefined\TransactionListQuery.tqxc
  • Predefined\TransactionOutputListQuery.tqxc
  • Predefined\META-INF\jobsconfig.xml
  • Predefined\META-INF\ProjectInfo.xml
  • Predefined\META-INF\Roles.xml
  • Predefined\META-INF\SharedProperties.mem
  • Predefined\META-INF\SSCEExtn.extn
  • Predefined\META-INF\ValueMap.vmap
  • Predefined\META-INF\Bundles\
  • Predefined\META-INF\Profiles\
  • Predefined\MIIOBJ\Predefined\ReferenceDocument\
  • Predefined\SAPInterfaceRepository\SAPModuleDetail.xml
  • Predefined\SAPInterfaceRepository\SAPModuleMethodDetail.xml
  • Predefined\SAPInterfaceRepository\SAPModuleVersions.xml
  • Predefined\WEB\Default.html
  • Predefined\WEB\Default.irpt
  • Predefined\WEB\Default.jsp
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  • I verified the Predefined project came in when applying patch 16 in the other clients. I'm not sure why this didn't come in when patching our production environment. No errors were reported in the log during the patch installation.

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    Jul 24, 2017 at 06:33 PM

    All files did actually import and most database data was there for the project. The issue was in the XMII_PATHS table in the MII Oracle database. It was missing the parent record where FULLPATH = Predefined.

    We did a manual insert into the table:

    • ID (this is the referenced parent ID by other records in the table)
    • PARENTID (-1)
    • FULLPATH (Predefined)
    • CREATED (current SYSDATE)
    • MODIFIED (current SYSDATE)

    After the record was added to the table, the project showed up in MII and was working as expected.

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