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Why there is no tab for Output in EWM in every transaction

Hi All,

there are few cases where we also require to trigger the output from documents of EWM but may i know why sap didn't provided any tab to propose the output.of course we can trigger through PPF but clients mostly interested on output types only( we faced ) why because they are being habituated from decade ,i hope sap will introduce in the latest version , if i am wrong please justify or let me know.

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3 Answers

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    May 16, 2017 at 06:50 AM


    I agree to Hendrik here, of course it is important to look into printing on the EWM side, in fact I tell my participants in all my classes that they should move everything they print from ERP to EWM, as in ERP the information often comes to late for printing.

    But where are you missing "tabs for output"? I mean, what do you want to print? Either something related to a warehouse request. There you have the PPF tab and you can trigger the print from there. Then on a workcenter, there you have icons for it, or from RF, where you can also print labels. Where else would you need it?



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    And it is EWM. NOT eWM - Duh!

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  • May 11, 2017 at 06:32 AM
    Hi, I am not sure, why clients are expecting the outputs of EWM documents. In simple term ,EWM is a part of logistic execution, if we take the example of OBD process, 1. SO can be created : output can send to customer 2. outbound delivery create and distribute to EWM as a save replica ( for save replica , it would not require a output ) 3. ODO create against ODR and it can act as a warehouse request to proceed with WT/WO , so , no need to trigger any output. ( note that, we can generate pick list against WO - this is purely internal to pick the products ) 4. finally if we do the GI, OD can create and acknowledge back to the ECC OBD. Finally end customer can not bother about ,from which rack you picked and in which WC, you packed etc... I hope you understood , why outputs are not require in EWM environment. BR, C K Reddy
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  • May 15, 2017 at 06:45 PM

    ...I am not 100% with you CK. We have customers for instance who are asking to send them PIC/PAK update (e.g. via SHPCON EDI message). That was easy using LES/WM only as you could schedule ERP message based on ERP delivery Header Status. Now using EWM all EDI commuication with external Partners which should happen before final GI are becoming a big challenge.

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