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Jan 30, 2007 at 07:30 AM

Idocs are failing



We have a Z program which creates Inbound idocs by processing the files at the application layer. Once the idoc is procesed, based on our business requirement we split the parent idoc into more than one idoc with different message type and process them once again. Now we are seeing a new problem, the child idocs are not getting processed at all and simply moving into the status 51 with with a special message "Application log is already open and cannot be reopened." or "Period indicator T is not defined". These messages are not maintained by us as we maintain some messages to update the application log. There is no instance where we have failed to close the application log. Strange things is idocs gets posted when I manually process it by using program RBDPROCESS. They either get posted or will remain in status 51 - with valid message.

I have checked all the settings for ALE and Idocs. Everything is working fine. Actually we have three testing sytems, the same setup works fine on one system but is failing on the other two boxes.

Please help me to resolve this.

Thank you,

Ganesh Prasanna.T