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Jan 30, 2007 at 06:43 AM

Modify values of ALV List before printing


I need to modify the values of the ALV list before printing for the following scenarios:

1) If GR Doc No is blank, Std price column should be blank

2) If GR Doc No is not blank:

a. display zero if Std price (based on the formula) amounts to zero

b. display Std price (based on the formula)

I tried using the no_zero attribute of the fieldcatalog but it suppressed the zeroes and displayed blank for cases when Std price amounts to zero (Case 2A).

Is it possible to modify the ALV List during the 'END_OF_LIST' event via read line/modify line such that it will set the Std price column value to:

1) blank if GR Doc No column (also in the ALV list) is blank/does not exist

2) zero or a specific value if GR Doc No exists


Code samples (to call the END_OF_LIST event and to read and modify the ALV fieldcatalog) will greatly be appreciated.