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Jan 29, 2007 at 10:59 PM

BPM x Integration Process


Heya guys,

longe time no see.

I'd like to start a conversation on the following subject: how do you understand the difference between business processes and XI's integration processes. This idea was inspired by the recurrent confusion that some clients and some managers make about those (or maybe I'm the confused one).

In my view, integration processes are such that they shouldn't require any human intervention, and are designed with respect to systems (systems which XI access or systems that access XI). They are important mostly for the IT techs responsible for the systems integration.

On the other hand, business processes may have human intervention (aprovals, data filling etc) and are designed with respect to the key user whose action will be required in that specific step of the process. They are important for the end users which use the process in a daily basis and also for the managers and directors for analyzing purposes.

The problems begin when the users want to understand the integration process as if it was a business process. Want to check in which specific step it is at this moment (as if in Guided Procedures or Solution Manager). In my opinion integration processes shouldn't be trackable like business processes simply because it is not what they are intended for. They are similar tools for completely different applications.

I think SAP has kinda understood that since they are changing XI process naming to integration process instead of BPM. IP is not a BPM, and it shouldn't be.

Any comments?