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Jan 29, 2007 at 09:47 PM

a utility which makes tr request from Z-table and its customer Z-components


Has anybody made a utility which would make new transport request for a Z-table definition including its custom Z-dataelements and Z-domains.

We have large customer Z-tables which we would like to transport to another fresh SAP system. Unfortunately during years, lots of dataelements and domains were developed and nobody knows which older transport request actually contain all necessary elements for a particular Z-table in order to make a combined tr request.

Of course, we have the possibility to create manually a tr request and line by line adding necessary ddic objects starting from domains (R3TR/DOMA), dataelements (R3TR/DTEL) and ending with table itself (R3TR/TABL). But in our case this is too time consuming likewise was searching the old requests.

A following utility would be nice to have:

  • allow a table or structure as an input field

  • find all used Z-dataelements used in this table.

  • find all used Z-domains used by Z-dataelements in this table

  • find all checktables used by Z-domains used by Z-dataelements in this table

  • create on-the-fly a new development transport request containing all found Z-domains, Z-dataelements and the table definition itself.

  • give information on required check table references ( as check tables should be existing first in target system )

  • give information on required include/append structures ( as those should be transport first to target system )

Have anybody made such utility already? Would you share it with me and others?

I tried to search this forum for such utility but the keywords I'm using is resulting too much hits of wrong kind.

br: Kimmo