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Jan 29, 2007 at 07:06 PM

Query Designer Formula Problems


Dear Colleagues!

I have a problem with making a formula in the query designer, I really do not know why this mistake appares, so I hope you can help me!

I have Key Figures in a Structure. They concist of amounts and different characteristics to separate them. I try to make a simple calculating formula to calculate the differnce between Budgeted and Actual amount. But the query designer tells me that the formula is not defined correctly!!

From the icon of the formula I can see that it looks more like a characteristic then a key figure. It has teh small f for formula, but the triangle is green and in front, while the grid is paled out and in the back... Does anyone have an idea what I am dealing with?!? Can this be a program error?

Hope you can help - Will sign points!!

Regards Silje