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Complaint management with order reason

May 10, 2017 at 11:38 AM


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I have an issue with transaction WCMP_PROCESSING coming in the EHP2.

Looking at the customizing there is a possibility to setup the complain reason (which I did). Using this code enables to create correct document type in reference to invoice.

I'm trying to setup the system so that return document is created. Here I am successful- return document gets created correctly.

An issue is that return document needs to have AUGRU- VBAK field filled in to be complete (order reason). The WCMP_PROCESSING is NOT passing reason of complain (setup in configuration and chosen by user during the return processing) to AUGRU field.

I guess I missed some part of config.

Could you advice how should I enable user in WCMP_PROCESSING to pass Order Reason (AUGRU) field and therefore make order complete?

Thank you in advance

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Jelena Perfiljeva
May 19, 2017 at 02:49 PM

We don't use complaint management but there is a wiki page for it. Since it's about the copy control then obvious places to look would be the copy control items in the configuration.

Also check SAP Notes (use ANST transaction if available) for any corrections. If you believe there is an error in standard - open an incident with SAP.

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Thank you very much Jelena.

Yet - Wiki etc. and notes I checked before I decided to ask the question here.

Copy controls were checked as well - they are well maintained and working fine in va01 return creation process (we would be using WCMP_PROCESSING for return handling). I would guess it would be possible to maintain additional code in the copy control routines to copy the COMPREAS, while processing header data from the invoice to the return, and map it into the AUGRU field. Yet this would be additional development. I was more thinking if this option (filling in AUGRU) should be available in standard functionality config.

My best guess now is that AUGRU is not taken into consideration in the transaction WCMP_PROCESSING. What we have is COMPREAS (complaint reason) but is serves different purpose then AUGRU.

To sum up - I wanted to know how others managed this configuration (via developement or some standard function I missed). Does anyone have the same issue?


Please make sure to include all the pertinent details in the original post. The first post left an impression that the field AUGRU was used in both places but now it appears to be a completely different field in the complaint management.

In this case I believe what you are seeing is standard behavior (i.e. "The Design") for the simple reason that most of the copy control is handled by ABAP command MOVE-CORRESPONDING. Therefore mostly the fields with the same technical names are carried over the document flow. Since in this case it's two different fields I believe you'd need custom development to copy and map them. You might also want to check what data type is assigned to the respective fields in SE11 because it could be pointing to the completely different configuration tables as well. Get an ABAPer to help with this locally.

Again, we're not using complaints so I can't tell 100% but I doubt this can be solved by a configuration simply based on my technical knowledge of how SD works in general.


Hello Jelena,

Unfortunatelly you are right. This cannot be solved by the config. I have checked throughly and also gathered input from those using complains. The solution is:

1) Manual AUGRU input into the order after creation


2) Custom development

We are going for the first one. Thank you for your help!

Katarzyna Slifierz May 11, 2017 at 08:55 AM

Issue still not solved. Does anyone have similar experiences?

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Katarzyna Slifierz Jul 14, 2017 at 08:15 AM

Topic closed

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