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Portal personaliazation issue in SAP portal 7.4

May 10, 2017 at 09:46 AM


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Hi Experts, I have some problem in ESS address screen where I have three sections of addresses like Permanent,Emergency and Mailing addresses. Where Business user want to change the title of Emergency address as Personal Emergency address and i have done thourgh personalizations settings for this role. But after doing this when I delete the Permanent address from the page then mailing address is changing the title as Perosnal emergency address. How to resolve this issue?

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1 Answer

Christopher Solomon
May 10, 2017 at 12:15 PM

The "title" is dynamically generated from the Subtype text itself. You merely "personalized" the "title" element...which will not work and will mess up ALL of your address titles as you saw. You have options....

1. tell them this is the subtype text and they would have to modify this which will affect EVERYWHERE it is used/shown (like PA20/30 also)

2. tell them it will take an enhancement which you will have to find in code (not sure which ESS you are using) and adjust to "catch" and change the title
3. remind them that doing #2 will cost "X" amount of money to simply change "Emergency Address" to "Personal Emergency Address" which is silly but if they want to do it, you will. (I mean seriously....the end user is in ESS so do they really not know it is their PERSONAL emergency address? Are they thinking it is the corporate emergency address? No.)

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