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Real Time Consolidation (RTC) Project Questions

Hello Experts ,

We are implementing RTC using S4 1610 & following questions we have -

1.Can we have multiple GL account hier like for IFRS, Management accounting , Cash Flow like we use to have in BPC 10.1 ? if yes how, using multiple FSV?
2.There is a CDS view - Consolidation base view which apply CoA and fiscal year variant - we are unable to understand what is CDS view technically? why it is required ? what is the functional requirement of this view? where we can see this CDS view (I tried in HANA Studio couldn't able to see) basically our client is keen to know what is this CDS view & why it is required (functionally )
3.We will have 3 types of consolidation - Legal, US GAAP, Management we really need 3 different RTC model or I can use 3 different account hier
4.When we post Journal entry in BPC web it will be stored into ACDOCC table using write back class of Virtual provider, is this understanding correct?
5.If Yes, if we post JV in BPC in LC do we need to convert those in Group Currency using BPC currency conversion ? becoz my other data currency conversion will happen in S4. So does that mean we need to run currency conversion in S4 for pre consolidated data plus in BPC for JV we post ?
6.In Business rule, if we want to select hier node for Account I need to select FSV hier node? is it correct ?
7.There are no more script Logic, so client wants to customize any task how can we do it?
8.In Task Sequence, we have setting field, what is use of it? is it like script logic? any example on how to use it?
9.Business Process flow is still available in RTC?
10.Currently we are on S41610 FPS00 , in one of the blog SAP recommends to upgrade to FPS01 Any specific reason why we need to upgrade?
11.All Consolidated reports we need to create on Composite provider? Aggregation level or HANA View (since now we have 3-5 Calcu view generated in S4 model)
12.Do we have any pre-delivered fiori app for consolidated report?
13.Do we have any pre-delivered fiori app for passing consolidated JV directly from Fiori app?

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3 Answers

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    May 10, 2017 at 11:07 PM

    Wow that's quite a lot of questions....Will try to address some of them:

    1- Any account needed needs to be configured in account master and as you noticed the FSV is the hierarchy in the BI side. When I use the /ERP/GL_ACCOUNT it always bring my correct FSV but I don't if we can have separate ones, I assume so as the hierarchy is built via ABAP class.

    2- The CDS view is an ABAP class (accessed through SE24). They are used by the process in S/4 to perform currency translation/data validation.

    3- If you have different entities (e.g.: Company code and Profit Centre) then you'll require different models. If these accounts are in different chart of accounts, you'll also require different models.

    4- Correct.

    5- Yes, you'll need to run currency translation for the journals. At the moment there's a limitation in terms of executing specific CT's. e.g.: you cannot select a specific audit trail (In case your manual journal goes to one). I do know that SAP is planning to release this soon.

    6- Yes, correct.

    7- You'd need to create a Planning Function (RSPLAN). The downside is that, you cannot assign planning sequences/functions in the consolidation monitor. What you can is to assign it to AO workbook and include the WB in a BPF.

    8- You can include a filter such as /ERP/GL_ACCOUNT=400000 which means only execute it for account 400000

    9- Yes

    10- Yes, FPS00 has some issues that have been addressed in 01.

    11- Aggregation level based on the composite provider

    12 and 13 - Not that I know of.



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  • May 16, 2017 at 09:15 PM

    Quick update on Q&A #05 - Currency Translation and Audit Trail selection in RTC: SAP has just added this feature via note 2473538 - AUDIT_TRA Added to Base CDS View for Selection.

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  • May 17, 2017 at 02:29 AM

    Update on question 1: To add different FSV to /ERP/GL_ACCT hierarchy run t-code HRRP_REP with the required additional FSV/hierarchy.

    Check note: 2467924 - Financial statement version (FSV) hierarchies do not appear in Analysis for Office (AO)

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