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Jan 29, 2007 at 03:24 AM

CAF Exception


Hi Everybdy,

I have made an application with some customization in MAM application.

Whenever i am clicking 3-4 times on a link in application , i am getting CAF Exception and it is happening in almost all links in the application ( even in the links that appear in a list )

What is the cause of this kind of error ? and how it can be avoided ?

To me , best way appeared was,

a) to show to user some nice page saying" please click only once on links "

b) Disable double click on links via Javascript.

c) I haev also put a try catch block in java controllers , so that i can catch it and show user a nice Page. But this wont help out as , error is thrown by JSP Page , not java files( i guess )

To give a) option -- i could only see JSTL Tags as options -


CAN i use JSTL tags in MAM application?

To give option 2) - i used this:


function doNothing()




< a ondbclick =doNothing()>

BUT, THIS IS NOT HELPING OUT , still exception is coming.

Please suggest a remedy of CAF Exception.