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Jan 26, 2007 at 09:09 PM

Why Marketing in Community Council


Hi S(D)Ners,

Love this little corner of our site for little bits of information and comments.

Stumbled over a new council around communities: The Community Management and Marketing Council (CMMC) . Blog: and they even have a conference coming up in March 12-14 in Las Vegas (see ).

Yours truly would probably be at that conference, but I am taking a 3 months family bonding time break from SAP.

Actually my boss Mark Yolton is going to represent SAP at the event. Even better.

What I am surprised is that the new council has to have Marketing in their name. Was that to get the CMMC symmetry in the abriviation?

Here on S(D)N we pride ourselves to be marketing and spin free, or at least we do when we believe our own marketing 😉

My guess is that the initiative is driven by marketing people. The trend in the industry is towards evangelism and away from marketing. Budgets are shifted to communities. This council is a way I guess for the marketiers to put the stake into the ground and claim community as a their area. Pure speculation on my side.

I would drop it from the name of the council. (If you need a second M for the symetry how about Mark's or Marx communities 😉

All the best, Mark.

P.S. I leave this thread as a question and will give points for good answers, especially funny ones.