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what is the release code used to approve the PO at particular level while releasing

May 10, 2017 at 04:39 AM


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How to know the release code which is used to approve the PO at particula rlevel say at level5,please help us, i searched in CDHDR, CDPOS but release code not dispalying.

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3 Answers

Mohsin Abbasi May 10, 2017 at 07:09 AM

Dear Praksh,

Didn't really get you point, what you wanna say, Is it not enough to get informed via me23n like below mentioned screen shot.

Best Regards

Mohsin Abbasi

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Hi, Usually , if the release sequence follows one by one, the status will update in CDHDR & CDPOS tables as XX etc; but my requirement is as shown in the screeen shot , PO has been released with first and lat level, now the tables displaing as XX, as per this the PO is released at second level,but in actual the PO is released at last level after first.Now, how to find the release code thorugh which approval happened.

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Dear Prakash,

You will not get the release code as of my knowledge, but you will get no. of X, which indicates how many people has approved the PO. You can check it in EKKO table and in me2n in dynamic selection, but in this case you have to give X, only then system will filter the report of me2n

Even in case of table CDPOS, No. of X's show the no. of peoples from whom PO's has been approved.


Hi, yeah this i know, but if the releasing is not in order, refer my previous comments,then how to find out the exact release code

Jürgen L
May 10, 2017 at 09:34 AM

you find your release code in your customizing.

A release code is like a key. One key is given to the accountant to open the main entrance and this key also fits into the door of the accounting department, a second key is to the CEO. With this key the CEO can open the main entrance, the door to the accounting department and to his own office. The accountant cannot open the door to the CEO's office with his key.

Giving 2 keys to the CEO is a kind of stupid and will confuse the CEO and he might pull the wrong key from his pocket and then can't open the door to his office.

And if the CEO opens the door to the accounting department then it is pretty useless to know if opened it with the specific accounting department key or with his multi-power CEO key, since he has the rights to open this door anyway.

If it does not work like you expected then you have to rework your strategies. But for the enduser it is of no information which code was finally used to reach the status of an approved PO.

Kindly go through the documentation and existing question on release prerequisites.

Try to understand the logic instead of just following step by step manuals which miss to explain the logic behind.

Start here:

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Govind Ramesh May 18, 2017 at 11:35 AM

Dear Praksh,

If you know the PO document number, then select it in EKKO.

Get the release group and release strategy from this table and then insert it into T16FS table (Release Strategies).

Here you will get the release code.

Description of the release code can be fetched from T161E table (Release Codes).



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