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Jan 26, 2007 at 08:40 PM

buildng team in org management in hr


hi guys,

could any one help me with the management is new to me...

i have to build teams

for head quaters:Teams are formed by Org Unit ID and Supervisor Position ID.

From the root node, for each position, check if position is a supervisor using table HRP1001 relationship B002.

If it’s a supervisor, find the corresponding org unit using table HRP1001 relationship A003. Each pair of Org Unit ID (P0001-ORGEH) and Supervisor Position ID (P0001-PLANS) forms a team. Populate each team into Wbt_String field. Except the root team, precede each child team with parent team. Use format parent team~child team.

If it’s not a supervisor, skip that position and move to the next position.

could u guys help me with the logic and code...

thanx in advance..