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Jan 26, 2007 at 06:46 PM

BEx problem - Postable Nodes in Hierarchy



My requirement is to display a report like this...

Vendor Material KF1 KF2 KF3

where Vendor and Material Combinations are defined by some other restrictions and can be picked up from another report. But when I use replacement path for Vendor and Material both it mixes the values. i.e. if the first report has following combinations:

Vendor Material

V1 M1

V2 M2

Second report comes as

Vendor Material KF1 KF2 KF3

V1 M1

V1 M2

V2 M1

V2 M2

While I want to display only combination from the first report.

The other way I can think of is by maintaining Hierarchy but I can have only one characteristics as postable, which means key figures will be controlled only by the postable characteristics i.e. either by Vendor or Material.

Do you know how can we use two characteristics as postable or is there any other method to acheive this.



Let me know if you have any other idea for this.