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HTTP Status 403 - Backend connection is not mapped for this application configuration

May 10, 2017 at 01:21 AM


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I am creating an application in HCPms. I actually copied an existing working application but just changed the application id. However, I get the error when i bring up this in the browser - https://hcpms-s***********

HTTP Status 403 - Backend connection com.licensedtocode.kapsel2 is not mapped for this application configuration

However, it does work if I enter the URL: https://hcpms-s*********

I copied the exact configuration from my application that is working with BOTH of the URLs:

- https://hcpms-s***********


So I am not sure why it's not working. I can ping the destinations. It seems to be an issue on HCPms side since creating the application is very straight forward.

I have added the images of the steps that I did to create the application. It seems to be a bug in HCPms - somehow the application is just not being exposed.

Anyone else running into this issue lately?

The ping is successful:

What's a little strange is the Registration URL has V4. But both this URL and substituting it with V2 works.

After I define the application and point it to the destination, is there a step I am missing perhaps that is causing this issue?



image-2.png (75.9 kB)
image-3.png (58.5 kB)
image-4.png (69.8 kB)
image-5.png (67.4 kB)
image-6.png (54.2 kB)
image-7.png (88.2 kB)
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Hello Jay,

I have the same issue, did you find a solution ?

Thank you for your help.



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2 Answers

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Jay Malla Jul 12, 2017 at 06:39 AM

Thanks Jitendra!

We were able to get this working. We did have to supply the x-smp-appcid in the header.

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Jitendra Kansal
Jul 06, 2017 at 02:37 PM

Hello Jay,

Do you still see same issue occuring to you?

Well, please understand that when you got a new application ID in SAP CP mobile services, you need to register user (+device+deviceType) against it. It follows below URL with a POST call


on successful, you should see a 201 success code with x-smp-appcid value in response body.

To get backend resources, you need to make a GET call, it follows below URL


(also x-smp-appcid value in header section)

Note: You still have to use OData V2 in backend URL (northwind).

I would recommend you to check this blog for more details:



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