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Jan 26, 2007 at 03:36 PM

Day light Savings new rules affect SAP installs?


How is the new Daylight Savings rule going to affect / effect SAP?

"In 2007, U.S. Daylight Saving Time (DST) will begin on the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November. This change in the schedule -- the first in 20 years -- will make U.S. Daylight Saving Time four weeks longer. The U.S. Energy Act of 2005 drove this change, which is intended to reduce energy consumption. While the business risk associated with having our systems reflect the wrong time by one hour for four weeks in 2007 is not as great as Y2K, the extent of the IT impact is not trivial and may impact clients in the U.S, as well as in non-U.S. geographies. "