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Access to Me area for Fiori Apps menu items embedded into NWBC (e.g. My Inbox Substitutions)

While Fiori Launchpad has become a good choice for many users where I work; power users still access SAP Business Client with an NWBC menu structure to do their job.

Now with the options highlighted in this post (Integrating NWBC 5.0 and Fiori Apps), you can open the Launchpad or a Launchpad app in a tab in the Business Client, but when you do that, the access to the Me area gets removed as I assume SAP don't want 2 home title bars.

This would be fine but because of this, we seem to lose access to additional functionality such as Manage Substitutions located in the Me area.

Is there any way to get access to these application features, or do I simply have to launch the app in standalone mode (jumping out of Business Client).

Note - We're using Business Client 6 and can't move completely to FLP start mode at this point of time.



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    Posted on Jun 12, 2017 at 08:53 AM

    Hi Matt,

    No. This procedure (ie the one in the blog) is intended for a few isolated apps.

    Once you need a whole Fiori Launchpad, in order to get the full feature set, you need to connect using the Fiori Launchpad connection type.

    (SAP Fiori Integration in SAP BC ).

    Best wishes


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    • Thanks Julie - Expected this but then again, have heard of S4 customers with non-FLP Business Client and thought maybe a solution was available. I've temporarily got it working using URL based links, but realise that's probably not a supported scenario and does confuse things somewhat but jumping out of NWBC just to access the Inbox isn't better.