Frozen Embedded Consolidation Monitor, Ownership Manager and Journals - S/4HANA 1610 (Note 2403120)

May 09, 2017 at 09:27 PM


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Hi there,

Note 2403120 covers the program error that freezes the Embedded Consolidation Monitor, Ownership Manager and Jounals on S/4HANA 1610 and the "Solution" is "Upgrade to corresponding support package. (BW750SP08, BW751SP03, BW740SP12)" - i.e. no corrections inside this note.

Considering that Support Package BW750SP08 (for SAP_BW 7.50) and its corresponding SP BW751SP03 (for the S/4HANA component SAP_BW 7.51) are scheduled to be released only on July 27th, I wonder if anyone else is facing this (big) issue and if you have found any work around / fix for that. Any input will be much appreciated.

Additional Info: I have also exported the notes from the upcoming SP, but it is not considering this note (2403120) for BW750SP08 or BW751SP03: https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/supportpackage/SAPK-75008INSAPBW

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Lucas Gabriel May 10, 2017 at 09:51 PM

Hi George,

Had the same issue here, in our case, after opening a ticket with SAP they sent a workaround that didn't require upgrade.

It's a basis setup and requires a few steps. I can send you the pilot solution if you need it.


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Hi Lucas,

Yes - Please send me the pilot solution - much appreciated.


I couldn't get your email from your profile.


You can send it to gvholland at hotmail dot com. Tks


Hi Lucas,

We have the similar issue, Can you please send the workaround? My email is babu.s at hotmail dot com.




Hi Lucas, we have the same issue.and importing note 2428342 does not fix anything. may you send my the procedure @ romain.brac at yahoo dot fr ?

Many thanks



Hi Lucas,

can please share the pilot workaround to my mail id at sreekanth4basis at gmail dot com




Hi Lucas,

We are facing the same issue and we are on SAP_BW751/SP02. We can't upgrade to SP03 for tecnical issues, would you sent me the pilot solution SAP sent you? We just openned a ticket but we're worried it could take some time for the response my mail is mauriciosaban at gmail dot com.

Thanks a lot.


Lucas Gabriel May 16, 2017 at 05:38 AM

Hi Just an update on this, SAP released a Snote to fix the issue: 2428342

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George Holland May 17, 2017 at 02:40 AM

Hi Lucas, that's a good point. If the note/ patch you mentioned (2428342) for SP01/ SP06 fixes the freeze issue (it doesnt detail the issues it should be fixing) there was clearly a timing issue between this note's release date and subsequent SPs.

I have tried this note/ patch (2428342) before raising this thread but all I got was "Cannot be implemented" message in SNOTE because it was released AFTER the SP02/ SP07 for SAP_BW751/ 750 component respectively and it is valid only for SP01/ SP06.

Take-aways for the community:

  1. If you are on SP01/ SP06 for the SAP_BW751/ 750 componenet, try implementing 2428342 to fix the freeze issue
  2. Dont assume subsequent SPs (e.g. SP02 or SP07) will have the corrections from prior SP's patches
  3. If you are on SP02/ SP07 (for SAP_BW751/ 750 component) there are 4 approaches:
  • restore the system backup with SP01/ SP06 and try implementing note 2428342
  • open a ticket with SAP
  • request the pilot solution instructions
  • wait till SP03/ SP08 release on July 27th

Patch/ SP Timeline Detail

=> SP02 for SAP_BW751 and its correlate SP07 for SAP_BW750 was released on 03/Apr/2017

=> The note/patch 2428342 - valid only for SP01 (SAP_BW751) or SP06 (SAP_BW750) was released on 05/Apr/2017

=> Note 2403120 - Embedded Consolidation Monitor is Freeze was released on 23/Apr/2017 (No attached corrections. Proposed solution is to install SP03/ SP08 after its release on July 27th)

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