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Jan 26, 2007 at 09:32 AM

How to access KM folder with self-creation service user?


Dear All,

I have added a new service user i"contract_service" in the following two places:

1) UM

2)System Administration->System Configuration->(In detail Navigation)Knowledge Management->Content Management and in configuration iview go to Utilities->System Principals->System User

An exception arrises when I try to create a KM folder with "contract_serive" user.

The exception is as follows:<b> Could not get service user "contract_service".</b> at at

I used the following piece of codes to get service user...

private static final String CONTRACT_SERVICE_USER = "contract_service";

//create an user object from the current user serviceUser = WPUMFactory.getServiceUserFactory().getServiceUser(CONTRACT_SERVICE_USER);

Can anyone point out where I may do wrongly?