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Jan 26, 2007 at 08:19 AM

Problem with persistence in Generic Sync application



We are developing an application which runson SAP Mi 2.5, SP 18,

Windows Mobile 5.0 and Generic Sync for PDAs.

We need persistence in our application. We tried with persistence API but

we found a problem and we send a message to SAP. Until we can solve

this issue we must implement persistence in other way to satisfy our customer requierements

Since now,we have implemented persistence with files but the performance of this solution does not meet our customer requirements (the search of data in the PDA is very slow).

We are thinking in another solution, which consists on using

Syncbos.Using this alternative, before making a generic sync, and

executing the code shown below:



the returned syncBOS are those which I have defined in XML. On the

contrary, after making a generic sync, executing the same code, the

returned syncbos ARE NOT those whic I have defined in XML. The only

return that I get is the MIAUTH.

Any other ideas?


Kind Regards