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Jan 26, 2007 at 07:53 AM

SyncBO upload sequence



Im having difficulties in our MAM25 based application regarding the upload and download sequence during synchronization.

In standard MAM, when you create an order and a time confirmation, during sync, the order is created first, then the time confirmation will get processed. Our application tries to process the timeconfirmation first (and we dont understand why) and then tries to process the new order. Ofcourse this will fail because the parent of the timeconfirmation is not available at that time.

The merepmeta.xml of standard MAM25 and our merepmeta.xml do not differ very much regarding order and timeconfirmation. In both cases, 001 is a S01 and 005 is a U01 and the order comes first.

A couple of questions rise:

- why does the application send the 005 first and then the 001 ?

- how does the application determine what order to follow during sync ? (because when you change the XML file within the application after initial installation, this change is not reflected during the sync - and yes the application has been deployed after the change). Is the sequence stored in the application persistance?

With regards,