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Jan 26, 2007 at 07:41 AM



Hi all-

I have been reading documetaion on extracting data from FI and SD. Please correct me if I am worng.

Assumption: All business content is installed on R3 and activated replicated on bw side. All standard objects are used, no custom objects.


Create an InfoPackage for init. load -> load that data.

Create an InfoPackage for Delta load -> load data as frequently as required.

<b>Queation 1</b> Is this is it? We don't have to setup any thing like we do for SD (setting up tables or something.)

<b>Question 2.</b> Is the above is called LIS extraction.


Delete and fill setup talbes in R3

Replicate the data sources in BW

Create InfoPackage for Init. load

Create InfoPackage for Delta load.

<b>Question 3</b>: Here, do we need to load setup-tables in R3 only before Init load, or do we have to do this every time even before every delta load?