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Jan 26, 2007 at 03:49 AM

SSL certificate in J2EE


Hi All,

We had order a SSL certificate in service market place and had now

imported the certificate to our Enterprise portal. When we accessing

this enterprise portal through our webdispatcher, the security warning

prompted us that the certificate is invaild because it does not match

the name of the site.

Here is a detail description of our setup :

1)User will acess the EP through the webdispatcher.

2)We are using MS clustering in the EP

3)The SSL is configured as end to end SSL which the webdispatcher

foward the information to the enterprise portal from the client


4)We had tested with a test certificate from service market place.

In the keystore option under visual administrator. We create the entry with the common name as the webdispatcher hostname. We then import

the test certificate. Everthing is working fine.

5)Therafter we purchase a parmanent certificate from service market

place. In the registration page under "Additonal data", we enter our

server name as (This is the physical

server name of the CI EP which user is acessing through the virtual

hostname as

6)SAP delivered the certificate and we imported the cert. However, the

CN had change from the webdispatcher hostname to the physical hostname of the CI EP. Why is the CN changed even though we had configure it

as the webdispatcher hostname ? Is the certificate overwriting it ?

7)So now when user access our EP through the webdispatcher, they will

be given a security warning stating "the certificate is not valid

because it does not match the name of the site. Can we change the CN

name to the webdispatcher so that user will not be given this security warning prompt ?

8)We had check with serveral resourse from sap and colleague and all

have mention that during registration, we should enter the name of the physical server which is the EP CI.

Any idea what when wrong with the setup ?