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Jan 25, 2007 at 05:09 PM

Quotations for prospectiv customers, but no ordering allowed


Dear BPX

In our company, we would like to create quotations for prospective customers. In case they do order, this prospective customers would need to go through a credit check to become a "real" customer (sold-to-party). For for prospective customers it is not allowed to be a sold to party for which orders can be entered.

For this purpose, I created a new account group with a new partner procedure and new partner function. The idea was not to assign the function SP (sold-to-party) to the new partner procedure nor account group 0001 (sold-to-party).

To create a new customer master was no problem. But creating a quotation is only possible, if the sold-to-party is assigned to the new account group. And then, I can also create orders - exactly what I want to avoid...

Does anyone have a creative idea ?

Thanks in advance for your advise.