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May 09, 2017 at 03:03 PM

AIF Runtime - Inbound IDoc variant 2 with multiple actions


Dear AIF users,

I'm currently facing an issue processing inbound ORDERS IDocs with AIF. Logging engine is Application Log

My requirement is to trigger:

a) Action 1 - Standard processing of IDoc ORDERS using FM IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS in order to create the sales document

b) Action 2 - Specific logic to modify sales order once created

- FM 1 to attach a document received as binary data Inside E1EDKT1/T2 segment

- FM 2 to manage specific user status

My problem is linked with logging management and consistency of AIF message status due to the variant 2 including native COMMIT and update mode.

My first action is sufficient to force IDoc status 53 and AIF consider my message as a success whatever error that can occur in action 2 (however managed). Additionally, logging only contains messages of action 1.

As a consequence Action 2 FM are either:

- executed correctly without log

- not executed but no log displayed

I imagine there must be a solution as I consider my request exactly in the target of the tool. I also see in different OSS note there was a lot of bugs and modification to manage such variant 2 IDocs. Can someone help me ?

Thanks a lot,