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Jan 25, 2007 at 02:00 PM

URGENT: SapScript Layout printing


hi all,

i have to develop a form which look something like this (click the link for layout)


my problem is for columns: Date, Vessel & Remark, these are include texts.

- i need to print the column lines

- the texts should not overlap the column lines

- how should the window placement be? i've tried the first 5 columns from left is the main window, the remark column is a VAR window which displays the text only, however at the end of the text i'm supposed to display the attachment list. i've tried displaying the list from an internal table but the form only prints the last record, even if there's 3 records, all printing the same value

- i've even tried the whole thing is the main window. my problem arises when i tried to print the include texts. if i use the include text command from sapscript and supply the PARAGRAPH to the command, the texts will be printed a line below, displaying a line feed. however if u use FM READ_TEXT in the print program and use element to control, i ahve the same line feed problem as well. the remark column is printed a line below.

-how to make all the text starting from the first line?

-how do i keep all the text within the column line? what if the texts are very long??

plz any help or suggestions are very much appreciated. any tips will do...

thank you.