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Jan 25, 2007 at 01:28 PM

What tables are involved in packaging?


We have a customer who has been running our add on in SBO 6.5 and recently they decided to upgrade to 2005. 6.5 didn't have the kind of packaging functionality our customers needed so we coded our own packaging solution in our add-on.

SBO 2005 has the packaging worked in so now the customer wants us to integrate the packing info from our 6.5 add-on and the packaging info inherant in SBO 2005.

I've been working on this for a while and I was able to fill in most of their information using these queries which pull info from our old tables and insert it into the relavent SAP tables:

insert into DLN7 (DocEntry, PackageNum, U_TRC_UCC)
select ps.U_DocEntry as DocEntry, ps.U_PckageNm as PackageNum, ps.U_UCCNum as UCCNum

insert into DLN8 (DocEntry, PackageNum, ItemCode, Quantity)
select U_DocEntry, U_PckageNm, U_ItemCode, U_Quantity

This kind of works, the packages with their UCC-128 numbers are moved over without issue. The only problem now is that the items are not assigned to their respective packages.

There must be a table in SAP I need to fill in that I'm missing, looking throught the documentation the only other table I see is OPKG which stores the Package Type information.

Where should I go with this from here?