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Jan 25, 2007 at 01:26 PM

Basic questions about NetWeaver


Hi experts,

Here am I with a big headache caused by the Netweaver concept which I can hardly understand. So, I would be grateful if you could give me some hints on these questions even if they sound foolish:

1. Is SAP-Gui an obsolete concept with Netweaver? That is, has the classical SAP-gui screen been replaced by a web site based on something like an Internet Explorer?

2. If I have a ITS attached now to a classical R/3 to convert some screens to the internet protocol, will this ITS be unnecessary once I go to Netweaver? I understood that the Netweaver WAS incorporates something like an ITS.

3. From my vague understanding of WAS, I reckon this is the name of the new "Development platform" of SAP, sort of workbench, with the difference that from now on, Java will be a possible language, as well as ABAP, for development, and also other "functionalities" are part of the kit: an internet server replacing the ITS, etc. Am I on the right track to consider WAS as a new and extended workbench?

4. All the classical R/3 modules are now part of the so-called "mySAP ERP". Right? So, let's say that mySAP ERP is the new brand which includes the old MM, PP, FI, CO, and so on.

5. I have read some threads about the ECC, but I can't get to the real meaning. Is the portal a web development delivered by SAP with some ready functionality? or is it just a basis on which we have to actually develop the functionalities? Is mySAP ERP part of the ECC? or rather, is ECC something that is connecting to mySAP ERP behind?

6. The easy-to-understand approach of a Development-Integration-Production platform in a classical R/3 schema, is it still valid with the Netweaver approach? I see so many elements in it (WAS, Portal, ECC, mySAP ERP, XI, etc) that I somehow get lost in this fuss and I can't see if Dev-Integr-Prod. is obsolete, and we need a hell of new systems to cope with it...

7. Where do the xApps fit into this tricky map? is it something to develop from the new development platform (WAS)? are the xApps a sort of RFC that we can call from an external system? what is really an xApp?

Well, that's all for now. Either I get some help from you, or my head will collapse. Sorry, but I wasn't able to get help on these issues, with an easy-to-understand vocabulary...

Thanks in advance.