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Jan 25, 2007 at 01:05 PM

Workflow : Unable to send workitem to multiple agents


I have an issue in a CATS (Cross Application Timesheet) workflow object.

SCENARIO: Based on the data entry profile in transaction CAT2 the time booked by the person must go to project manager/s.

To do this I have selected a fork with 3 parallel branches (because the other two are for auto approval and line manager approval) and 2 necessary branches.

Since there can be multiple project managers for an employee, I have a loop wherein until a flag is set, two activities must be executed within the loop.

The first activity reads the internal table with project manager id and populates a field. This field is the agent (project manager). In the next activity, transaction CAPP is called for project manager approval.

PROBLEM: When I trigger the workflow, agent field is getting populated but the control is not going to the next activity (calling transaction CAPP) . In the workflow log, I get no agent and <u>status</u> logically deleted.

Also, when this internal table (with project manager idsÂ’) is passed from previous activity to the next activity, only the first row is available in the internal table (in the container). The rest of the rows are deleted.

Could anybody please help me resolve these issues?