Fund not inherited to B/S account

May 09, 2017 at 02:27 PM


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I have a scenario where I am posting a standard FB50 document with document type "SA" having two line item.

1st debit line item will be my B/S account and 2nd line item will be a credit which is (profit and Loss account)

And for 2nd line item since it is a P&L account system reuires a cost object so we give a Cost center - 1234 and as per system config profit center will be derived from Cost center. and Fund is derived from FM deriver setting.

Now when I post the document and go to document overview I don't see Fund and Profit center populating in Balance sheet item in New G/L view.

kindly let mew know what configuration should I need to define inorder to see the fund and profit center for my Balance sheet item in New G/L View and as well as FAGLL03 report when I run the report for my B/S GL account.

Currently I can see Fund and profit center appering in my P&L account but not in my balance sheet account. Kindly advice.

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Recently we did HCM stack upgrade and after this upgrade the document splitting is not working correctly. before stack upgrade the Fund was appearing in the B/S item when we check in New G/L View but after stack upgrade the fund is not available in B/S account rather it creates another two more zero balancing line items where the Fund gets inherited..

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