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Jan 24, 2007 at 09:46 PM

Update BP addresses


Hi there,

I am struggling a little with the addresses of the business partner. I am aware that the addresses are stored in CRD1 and that the key ADDRESS is identical with the BILLTODEF in OCRD für the Bill-to address.

We now have updated the field BILLTODEF in OCRD and now I am trying to do the update in the regarding rows in CRD1.

update crd1

set address = (

select billtodef from ocrd

where cardcode = crd1.cardcode

and crd1.adrestype = 'B'

and billtodef is not NULL


Now I am getting an error message that address cannot accept a NULL value which I thought would be avoided by the last search clause.

When I run the following SQL, I get the list of all BPs that have a Null value in BILLTODEF. Inserting a NOT NULL gives all the other BPS.

select cardcode, cardtype, billtodef from ocrd

where billtodef is null

Now I am wondering why the the search condition in the first UPDATE statement doesn't work.

Any hint is appreciated.

BR Olaf