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Jan 24, 2007 at 08:52 PM

Extension Sets ECC 5.0


I have been searching for documentation about extension sets in ECC 5.0.

I am a consultant on an ECC 5.0 implementation and cannot locate extension set release notes specific to 5.0.

I've found extension set release notes for ECC 6.0 on the sap help website, but nothing specific to 5.0.

I'm curious about the impact of activating sets: EA-FIN, EA-FS, and EA-SCM. Our project is in full swing and most config is already done; however these specific sets weren't activated and we are debating whether to do so now, but want to know if this could have a negative impact ?

If you could advise or point me in the right direction of some documentation about the functionality of the sets I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,