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Jan 24, 2007 at 06:51 PM

XSS navigation problem.



If anyone knows this problem please help (description following). I'm using EP 6 SP17.

I have the full navigation already set up for our employees and it goes like this:

( -- Description of what I have follows -- )

First level: ESS

Second level: Group1 | Group2 | Group3

Navigation is setup in such a way that there is no Detailed navigation, meaning that from Role there's only 2 levels, like below:

ESS (role)

ESS (workset / entry point)

Group1 (page w/ iview referring area Z_AREA1 -> resource Z_AREA1_PAG)

Page1 (page w/ iview, invisible on navigation, for service Z_SRV1 -> resource Z_SRV1_RES)

The resources' definition are:


Description: Page of group1

URL of PCD Page: url of Group1 from role (example: "ROLES://portal_content/client/roles/roleESS/wsESS/pgGroup1")


Description: Component of Page1

Directory Path:

Object Name: Per_Address_PT

URL of PCD Page: url of Page1 from role (example: "ROLES://portal_content/client/roles/roleESS/wsESS/pgPage1")

NOTE: The above configuration is done under the transaction SPRO in R/3.

( -- Existing problem -- )

I can navigate to the Area and from the Area to the Service, but when I click on "exit" (in the service) it does not go back to the Area, instead it has the same behavior as if the destination page doesn't have enough permissions to be displayed (I've checked that already).

When I go to the NWA page to read logs, I get the following Warning, everytime I click on "exit":

[PortalNode.fireEventOnNode.toEventListener] event=onNodeReadyEvent,, operation failed



at com.sapportals.portal.navigation.DetailedNavigationTree.isCollaborationNode(

( -- end of problem -- )

If anyone can help, points WILL be awarded upon solution.

Thanks in advance and my best regards,

Paulo R. Rosa