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Approval on transfer posting

Dear Experts,

Let's suppose, our company imports/produce a semi-finished good XYZ. If the quality doesn't meet the expected measure Quality Dept. transfer the goods from quality inspc. to block.

But sometimes after getting the approval from top management production dept. uses the blocked lot. This approval process currently done manually over mail, or physical paper document.

We, now want to implement an approval process where if user want to transfer posting from block to unrestricted, a notification will create automatically from the system, explaining the scenario and go to the respective manager/GM for approval. The goal is to eliminate paper work/mail activity. Also, we want to keep track of when and why such transfers took place within the system.

It's kind of creating a PO and then wait for the respective person's approval. I'm explaining the scenario because I want to know if such procedure is available or not? Or if we want to implement how can we accomplish the goal?

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2 Answers

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    May 09, 2017 at 02:10 PM

    Yes. This could be done using quality notifications.

    I'd look to use automatic defect notifications which will automatically create a notification when a value is out-of-spec. When the QM person decides they want approval to move the stock to unrestricted based on an approval, they DO NOT make the UD. Instead they "activate" the quality notification. This now requires the notification to be processed. .

    The QA person would then open the notification from the UD screen. They would provide the reasoning for their request for the deviation to move the material to unrestricted inventory. The notification might need to have action boxes customized for your purpose. There is already a FM for a action box I believe to move material from blocked stock to unrestricited. I know there is one from moving from unrestricted to blocked so you could copy that and just change the movement type in it.

    The QA person would add a task to the notification (Task: xxxxxxxx - Approval requested) and assign it to a person authorized to do the approval. There are ways to get fancy and have this all automatically done and sent ot a list if you wanted, but this would be the easiest way and least amount of development work. The person assigned the task would get an email. (standard, see what your BASIS team does with SAP mail and if its routed to your companies email.

    Now the QM person exits the notification and returns to the UD screen. They can then make the UD and move the stock to blocked stock.

    Once the approval person gets the email, they click on the link and complete their assigned task. I would have two action boxes created and added to the notification. "Approval Granted" and "Approval Denied". If they click on and execute Approval Granted, the follow-up actoin "BLK to UR" is now enabled to be be done. Have the approval follow-up action also generate a new task and assign the QM person who made the request assigned to it. If Approval is denied, a new task for the QM person is also assigned but the "BLK to UR" action box is not enabled. The QM person gets an email and closes out the notification and if granted approval, executes the "BLK to UR" actoin box. If not, they simply close out the notification.

    Almost all of this is standard QM and can be done. I'd recommend you develop the action boxes as I described but if you just want to document the approval, even those action boxes can be skipped. Then you just document the approval using assigned tasks and the QM person manually moves the stock.


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    May 09, 2017 at 09:45 AM


    The Exact Requirement will not be able to fulfilled by standard SAP directly. we have to do a customization on this. before that do you have QM Module implemented.



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      Most Probably you have to do a customization based on QM Usage Decision(UD) point. at the time of Triggering UD you will be able to assign the work flow.