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Jan 24, 2007 at 10:28 AM

Unable to use UWL userdecision with MSS tripapproval in NW2004S SP10


Hi all,

We're having some problems implementing the userdecision functionality in a customized UWL view that shows tripapprovals. We've included 2 extra columns, one for approve and one for reject. The XML code has been drawn from the standard HR UWL views that come shipped with the ESS/MSS BPs.

When executing either of the 2 userdecisions, all I get in return is an error message that says "null". Nothing more. In the uwl.log file I can see several entries that go like: "No object instance key available for attributes lookup".

I also tried to start the views shipped with ESS / MSS, but I cannot get them to work either.

So, any ideas on how to solve this? Anyone ever successfully implemented userdecisions with MSS? Is there some configuration missing in the backend or is it the UWL / portal?

My XML config file:

<! ROLES://portal_content/"/> >

Hope you can help!


EP: NW 2004S 7.0 SP10 (UNIX)

Backend: ECC 6.0 (UNIX)

Best Regards,

Hans Petter Bjørn