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Former Member
Jan 24, 2007 at 08:03 AM

Problem while copying from model node to value node!!


Hi All,

I am trying to copy the contents of model table to newly created value table. For this i have written following code -

IWDNode targetnode = wdContext.nodeZhress_Firstday_Service_ValueNode();

IWDNode sourcenode = wdContext.nodeOutput().nodeT_Zhress_Firstday_output();


tagetnode is the node which is created in root context and sourcenode is the node which the node that shows the output when RFC runs.

After that by using copyService i m trying to copy from source to targetnode.

This target node is also binded to table, for getting the output.

When i copied the things from source to target it's size is equivalent to source node but its not getting any data from source node and showing blank in the table.

When i have tried to get whats it showing, its showing me null .

Please help me on this problem.


Roshan Gupta