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May 09, 2017 at 06:08 AM

Two delta profit cost components.


Dear Colleagues,

We have the following scenario in our organisation.
There are several manufacturing plants located in different countries (and belonging to different company codes within our Group) and there is a HUB (separate company code).
Plants exchange semi-finished and finished products between each other.
In the system all the transfers go via the HUB.

Company Code A sells inter-company to the HUB and the HUB sells inter-company to Company Code B. Both Company Code A and the HUB include internal margin in the selling price.

We implemented multiple valuations / transfer prices functionality and we separately valuate our products in legal view and group view.
We do product cost planning (cost estimates in both legal and group valuation).
We'd like to have separate "delta profit" cost components for "manufacturing margin" and "HUB margin".
But looks like we can have only ONE cost component for Company Code "delta profit".

Below is help for field "delta profit" in cost component:

"Cost Component for Delta Profit (Company Code)

Determines whether profits between company codes are updated.


If you want to carry out multiple valuation, you can use this indicator to specify whether the portions that exist due to supply relationships with other company codes are relevant.


Set this indicator if you want to update profits between company codes within the context of group costing. You can only set the indicator for one cost component per cost component structure."

Has anyone of you faced similar requirement?