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Jan 23, 2007 at 07:54 PM

Javaserver Page


Hello all,

I am working on creating a deployable proxy and client javaserver page to consume a web service. I have created a Netweaver Development component for my deployable proxy, I specified my WSDL file, built the proxy and deployed it. That all seemed to work fine. I checked the General User Output and did not find any error messages.

The part that I'm stuck on right now is the Javaserver Page. I'm following the instructions from the 'Creating a Client JavaServer Page' section from the website:

I have created another Development Component for my web module project. I also created my jsp file without problems. The next part is the one that I'm stuck on. The instructions say 'Select the name of the project and choose Add Web Service Client API Library from the context menu'. When I right click on the name of my web module project, I don't see this option. The closest thing that I see to it is 'Add Reference to WS Proxy DC', and it is grayed out.

I tried creating a different Web Module project that is not a Development Component. I created the jsp file for it. When I click on this project, I do see the 'Add Web Service Client API Library' option, but it is grayed out.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here as to what I need to do?


-Stephen Spalding

Web Developer