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What will be the impact by activating LOG_MMFI_P2P

May 09, 2017 at 03:16 AM


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Dear All,

we are in a process of activating LOG_MMFI_P2P Business function. what i want to know is there any issues/impact to the current system by activating this function..


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Jürgen L
May 09, 2017 at 04:39 AM

Just search for OSS notes based on the key word LOG_MMFI_P2P and you will see how many fixes are already exist because of side effects. You have to make sure that you implement them too, to avoid running into the same issues

And do the same search here in the community e.g. with using this search term in Google: LOG_MMFI_P2P

Beside of all problems that people had you will also see that others had asked this question too.

Kindly search before asking redundant questions.

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Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for answering. Yes i agree. i have search in SCN and didn't get exact answer for me. problem is i don't have access to search it in service market place. also what i want to know is the direct impact by activating this BF since this should not make any issues to existing transactions.



I am sorry, but if you have no access rights to search for SAP notes then you are probably not the right one to investigate this matter. Ask your supervisor to give you access, as it is necessary to fulfill a consulting job with the best results.

You probably expect 1 line answers. Unfortunately this is not possible with many questions and issues. A one line answer does either not cover the full issue or is just not understandable for the reader who is not in depth with the matter.

The direct impact is that the BF might close the issue that you have without activating the BF. SAP provided it to close a gap in a business process. BF are not meant to kill your other processes. If they have limitations then this is either already listed in the documentation or can be found in the OSS notes. For all already identified side effects you also find OSS notes, and those problems are asked in individual questions here.

While it would be convenient to have one blog with the problem and the answer along with the link to the original questions such thing is just not available as nobody ever will take this effort to compile and update such content regularly. And finally it is almost nothing else than the the overview that you get with the search function. you immediately see all questions, and if you are interested in the answer then you click the subject.

Anyway If you did not get the exact answer, then you should describe how the exact answer would be, and you should list what you already know to avoid that people just list this information again as it does not get you further then.


Hi Jurgen,

Thanks. I got what you are saying.