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No corresponding SCA file found in inbox for this software component to be imported

Hi All,

I am trying to import the SCA's for ENGINEAPI and SAPXIAF in a SAP PO track that was originally set up in NWDI. However, after placing the files on a server directory, when I run the synchronization service in NWDI NWA, none of the SCA's are being recognized. Under ENGINEAPI, I see below in Details section:

"No corresponding SCA file found in inbox for this software component to be imported. If you need to import an SCA file, copy it to the inbox folder and re-execute the synchronization"

1) I am not using '/usr/sap/trans/EPS/in' directory, rather another directory: /tmp/Test for the import. Is it required to use the EP/in directory and if so, does it need to be on SAP PO server or NWDI server? Please note the Test directory that I am using is accessible using HTTP Java HTTP Provide Configuration on both NWDI and PO servers, so ideally this should not be a problem with accessing the files. Or is that wrong assumption?

2) I can open the SCA files and have verified that they contain the Manifest, Build and Deploy archives in them, so the SCA itself does not seem to be corrupt.

3) SAP PO and Track are both on 7.31 SP 16, although the patch level of the SCA's that I am trying to import is different from the other SCA's that are included in the track, but am assuming that should not be a problem as per this blog: (

Appreciate any inputs on this!



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2 Answers

  • May 09, 2017 at 11:48 AM

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I would recommend to double check whether you set the correct folder as inbox folder in your development configuration (Open the CM Services--> Select your development configuration-->after click on tab "Local Settings").

    If yes take a look at the following SAP Note: 1259604 - CMS check-in tab: Not all files from inbox visible

    I know that this Note is talking about CMS but the issue is similar with CM Services also.

    Best regards,

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    • We recently upgraded to SP 18 and when I imported the SCA's for new version, I was able to import all of them.

      From the looks of it, issue could have been caused as the SCA's that I was trying to import were dated from earlier than the already imported ones and hence synchronisation service was ignoring them.

      Will close the thread as the issue has been resolved.

  • May 10, 2017 at 09:53 AM

    Hi Sajnev,

    Please let me explain the complete scenario.

    First of all you have to create a Software component in the SLD which consists of the all (build time) dependencies what you need.

    (If you already created an SC before you can skip the next step.)
    Please navigate to the CM Services --> Select the right Development Configuration and click on tab "Software Component Definition". Here you can add the new SC.

    After please click on button "Check SCs". If you can see any difference between the SLD and your DC please edit the DC click again the button "Check SCs" and click on "Update Development Configuration".

    After you will be able to see your SCAs during the Synchronize service.

    Best Regards,

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