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Jan 23, 2007 at 03:21 PM

Automatic Delivery, PGI and Billing


Hi SD gurus,

Will appreciate the feedback on this. In standard SAP, upon creating and saving of sales order, we need to create outbound delivery ( and do picking for picking-relevant item ), then do PGI. Upon that, create billing document and save.

My question is, if upon creating and saving of sales order, I want to make the subsequent processes runs automatically, how can it be done ?

The triggering part from saving the sales order - can that be done via userexit ? If so, which userexit can I look into ?

For the automation of delivery, PGI issue and billing, are there any BAPI or userexit that can accomodate that ? If so, can anyone be kind enough to pinpoint to me how to locate it and if possible, what are the key things I need to look into ? I believe it can be done via BDC as well but I'm not too sure how to go around it.

Really looking forward to some valuable feedbacks here. Many thanks way in advance. 😉

Warmest Regards,