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Jan 23, 2007 at 08:42 AM

ISA 5.0 Log-On Problem with B2B


Dear All,

we use the B2B of ISA 5.0 on the SAP J2EE Engine 7.00 with ERP2005 as backend.

The B2B was configured via XCM. Three components have been configured there as

they are part of our customer application configuration:

jcodata: test to the ERP2005 backend passed

shopdata: shopcenario is B2B

usertype: R3SU01User

The base configuration of our customer application configuration is "r3standardpi".

We've disabled SSL via XCM.

Transaction spam of ERP2005 shows:

PI_BASIS 2005_1_700 0009 SAPKB70009 SAP Basiskomponent

We further defined a web-shop with shopadmin, which settings should be okay so far.

When we try to log-in via

http:// : /b2b/b2b/

with shopadmin>

we are requested for the ERP2005 user + password. Immediately after we entered the

user + password and pressed "Log On" this message is displayed:

Runtime Errors

Contact the administrator

The logs do not provide any hints.

One thing called my attention: if we pass an invalid value for the shop parameter of

http:// : /b2b/b2b/ eg:

http:// : /b2b/b2b/ we'll get the same message

as with the valid one matching the shop ID configured via shopadmin. If we do not

specify the shop parameter this message will appear:

A serious system error has occurred

The shoplist read from buffer is empty

Contact the administrator

The user which we use for log-on has the roles SAP_ISA_B2B_FULL and the profiles

SAP_ALL and SAP_New.

Another thing could be relevant. We once used ISA 4.0 with an R3 backend. Since

the base configuration of the customer application configuration there was also

"r3standardpi" we there had another plugin in R3:

PI 2004_1_470 0002 SAPKIPZ52 R/3 Plug-In (PI) 2004.1 for R/3 Enterpri

which is missing in the ERP2005 system now. Could this be the reason why we have

the log-on troubles?

Any kind of help/hints are appreciated.

Many Greetings and Thanks in Advance,

Martin Muellenberg