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Jan 23, 2007 at 09:07 AM

SAP GUI for Java 7.00r2 - Page up/down keys



I install new revision of SAP GUI for Java on my Linux workstation and I see one strange behavior (bug/feature?). I check it against revision 1. When I want to move ABAP list or table control by more pages using keyboard it doesn't work as expected. I'll explain it on examples.

transaction se16. Choose any table with more than 2 pages of records. Show records by pressing F8. Focus cursor to list and press Page Down on your keyboard. List shows 2nd page of records. Press Page Down again. Revision 1 shows next page of records, revision 2 does nothing. If I want to show next page, I have to click to any field of list and then Page down moves list to next page. It means that instead simply pressing Page down I have to click to list before every move.

It sems that list lost its focus during redrawing of screen. I've tried it with revision 1, but it seems that it works fine without dependency on field where is cursor located.

Similar problem is with se16n when I want to browse field list in a table control.

Does anybody know if it is possible to configure this behavior or how to return original one?