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Max number of sessions reached with a BAPI

May 08, 2017 at 05:37 PM


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Hello experts,

i'm facing a problem with BAPI_PRODORD_SET_DELETION_FLAG; if i execute this bapi using as server group COWORK_BAPI with 99 work process max value, for multiple production orders (>6) system return several pop up related to "max number of session reached". Is there a solution to avoid that pop up are displayed once BAPI is executed? Is this problem related to parallelization of the process? If yes, how can i proceed to correctly set it?

Thanks in advance,


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Refer the Documentation of this FM using T Code BAPI and relate it to the parameters you are passing especially to WorkProcess Group and WorkProcess Max to get a lead.Also kindly update this thread if you find the root cause and solution for this so that it will be helpfull for all of us.Thanks.


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2 Answers

Caetano Almeida
May 09, 2017 at 02:56 PM

Hello Antonio

Generally, when you use parallel processing to call a function module, it is called with a RFC connection and it triggers a dialog process, which means that we have the same restrictions of the max number of sessions for the users.

Generally, the system admin/basis can change the max number of sessions for the users in transaction RZ10.



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Hi Caetano,

are you referring to the parameter rdisp/max_alt_modes?

I'd avoid to change this parameter because in this case if a change default value (6) users will be able to create new SAP sessions. Is there any solution on ABAP code in order to avoid that pop-up appear?

Furthermore, could you tell me how profiles listed into RZ10 are linked to RFC group servers listed into RZ12?

Kind regards,


Sandra Rossi May 09, 2017 at 06:41 PM

How many maximum work processes did you define in your RFC group? (transaction RZ12)

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These are parameters defined for RFC COWORK_BAPI group

Do i need to configure something else?

Thx in advance

6megg.jpeg (17.3 kB)
That's a percentage of available dialog workprocesses. How many ones do you have? (SM66)

From SM66 i can see a list of 54 processes all with "waiting" status.


All are "DIA"?


Only 29 are "DIA", all the others are Background, Update and Spool processes


That's weird. I guess this BAPI implements pRFC. What @caetano.almeida answered makes sense in your scenario if it's aRFC/pRFC and if the called RFC function module displays a screen (the screen is handled as a new "external session" in the calling "user session"). Can you execute the BAPI synchronously to reproduce the problem, and do you see screens or popups at the same time you are getting the "max number of session reached" popup?

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